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Dr. Soham Mandal

MBBS (Cal), DNB Ortho (New Delhi), MNAMS
Fellow - Arthroplasty & Adult Reconstruction, NUH Singapore
Fellow - Arthroscopy & Shoulder Replacement
GOH : Hannover, Germany

Dr. Soham Mandal Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Kolkata. He is known as Best Orthopedic Doctor and his specializations are Joint Replacement Surgery, Sports Injury, Sports Medicine, Trauma & Fracture Treatment. Dr. Mandal completed MBBS (Cal), DNB Ortho (New Delhi), MNAMS, Fellow – Arthroplasty & Adult Reconstruction, NUH Singapore, Fellow – Arthroscopy & Shoulder Replacement, GOH (Germany). Dr. Mandal is expert in performing complex trauma, arthroplasty and arthroscopic procedures as Best Arthroscopic & Joint Replacement Surgeon in Kolkata. His other area of expertise includes Pediatric Fractures, Hand Injuries as Top Orthopedic Doctor. Dr Soham Mandal is the son of Dr. Sisir Kumar Mandal who was a renowned orthopedician in Kolkata.

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Treatments Offered

Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement, also known as surface replacement, involves the replacement of severely damaged surfaces of the knee joints. The damaged surfaces are carefully removed, and in their place, implants are inserted.

Hip Replacement Surgery

During this surgical procedure, the deteriorated or afflicted bone of the hip joint, specifically the acetabular socket and femoral head, is substituted with an artificial joint.

Ligament Injuries / Arthroscopic Surgeries

Ligaments are resilient tissues that establish connections between bones. Injuries to ligaments can arise from sports-related incidents or falls.

Sports Injury

Sports accidents occur during physical activity or while participating in a sport. Various sports injuries give rise to notable symptoms and complications.

Fractures and Trauma

Currently, fracture surgeries can be performed utilizing minimally invasive techniques aided by advanced technology.

Shoulder Arthroscopy

A minimally invasive procedure using a small camera and specialized instruments to diagnose and treat shoulder joint problems.

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Orthopedic FAQs

Your Questions Answered by Experts

The most common orthopedic condition is osteoarthritis, which is a degenerative joint disease that occurs when the protective cartilage that cushions the ends of bones wears down over time.

The recovery time for orthopedic surgery varies depending on the specific procedure performed and the individual patient. Generally, it can take several weeks to several months for a full recovery. Your orthopedic surgeon will provide you with a personalized recovery plan and timeline.

Non-surgical treatment options for orthopedic conditions include physical therapy, medication, orthotic devices (braces or splints), corticosteroid injections, and lifestyle modifications such as exercise and weight management. These conservative approaches are often effective in managing and improving many orthopedic conditions.

You should consider seeing an orthopedic specialist if you are experiencing persistent pain, limited mobility, or have sustained a musculoskeletal injury. It is also advisable to seek orthopedic care if your symptoms significantly impact your daily activities or if conservative treatments have not provided relief.

To help prevent orthopedic injuries, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility. Proper warm-up and stretching before physical activities or sports can also reduce the risk of injury. Additionally, practicing good posture, using proper body mechanics, and wearing appropriate protective gear can help minimize the likelihood of orthopedic injuries.

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sourav pj
sourav pj
My shoulder get dislocated 7 times over the period of 5 years, In between I Have consulted with few doctors but never get rid from what i have been suffering for so long unless and until, i found Dr. Soham Mondal, After my first visit he immediately told me to do the Mri after heard the issue and on the second Visit he told me to do the microscopic bankart repair surgery as it was pretty bad and we decided the surgery date on the same day. Now it's been less than 2 month after surgery And I am doing completely fine And My Post Surgery recovery is Very imprerssive too with therapy 🙂 Whoever, Suffering from this and wanna consult with a Awesome doctor for quick result and recovery, without any second thought just go for Mr. Soham mondal. Apart from being a good doctor he is a good human-being, Very Polite, and Explanation is top notch.
Saikat Talukdar
Saikat Talukdar
Very nice doctor treats patients well and was a lovely time having a treatment with sir
Pratap Chandra Kar
Pratap Chandra Kar
Doctor's behavior is very good and checkup is also good. His fee is also very less than usual.very satisfied ❤️
Niyamotনিয়ামত Khan
Niyamotনিয়ামত Khan
Thank you sir, your behavior is very friendly and treatment is great...
Anand Daswani
Anand Daswani
Doctor soham mandal is very helpful and very friendly.He is a good orthopedic surgeon.
Sougata Kundu
Sougata Kundu
Best doctor ,good behavior, experienced,
Paramita mandal
Paramita mandal
Dr Soham Mandal is not only a excellent doctor also a very nice and humble person. We are blessed to have him in our city
Raju Kundu
Raju Kundu
Bijan Bhowmick
Bijan Bhowmick
Best helpfull doctor & and every time help OT time . Best doctor