Expert Knee Replacement Surgery: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Care

Knee Replacement: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Knee replacement surgery, also known as knee arthroplasty, is a common procedure to alleviate severe knee pain and restore mobility. Dr. Soham Mandal, top orthopedic surgeons offer advanced knee replacement surgeries, ensuring optimal patient outcomes.

Symptoms of Knee Degeneration

Common symptoms indicating the need for knee replacement include:

  • Severe Pain: Chronic pain in the knee, even at rest, and during activities.
  • Stiffness: Difficulty bending or straightening the knee.
  • Swelling: Persistent swelling and inflammation around the knee joint.
  • Limited Mobility: Reduced range of motion and difficulty walking.

Treatment Options

In Kolkata, treatment options for knee degeneration include:

  • Knee Replacement Surgery: Partial or total knee replacement to replace damaged joint surfaces with artificial implants.
  • Physical Therapy: Post-operative rehabilitation to improve strength, flexibility, and mobility.


Knee replacement surgery in Kolkata offers relief from debilitating knee pain and improved quality of life. With the expertise of skilled surgeons and comprehensive rehabilitation programs, patients can achieve optimal recovery and regain mobility.

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